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Widesources is a tech-powered fulfillment company based in ShenZhen with years of sourcing experince, we offer the best end-to-end global fulfillment solution and service for cross-border ecommerce sellers(Shopify and other marketplaces seller fulfillment ) , crowdfunding campaigns and dropshipping business.

Our service include supply-chain optimization, order fulfillment, quality control and brand upgrading service. Take your business to the next level and provide value, that is in what we belive.

Now it’s time you had your own professional teams on the ground working around the clock to help you grow because let’s face it: Your current suppliers don’t care about you, the pricing isn’t great, they nickel and dime you for every little service you need, they are a one man show  (you can’t scale quickly because everything is going to break), shipping times murder you, communication is a problem, theres’s no quality check at all, no repeat customer follow up, sometimes your orders don’t even ship to the customer, and the supplier could care less about the after sales issues, dumping their screw ups on your shoulders to deal with.

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